The main goal of logistics is providing best ways of cargo delivery. It is wrong considering that art of logistics is only a choise of appropriate way to carry cargo. Logistics is a huge variety of traffic plans to deliver material goods almost across the whole way from its development to usage.

Our company exists on a field-oriented market from October 2006 and provides the full range of shipping and logistics services.

The subject of our business is not unique. But our attitude towards it is unique.

The goal of the company creation is to fulfill management in shipping services and deliver logistics services.

We ship and deliver cargos by air, water and land; by cars, trains, ships and planes. It is our job and we do it in such a way that the customer is sure that his cargo is delivered safely and on time.

We carry out outsized cargos across Russia, near and far-abroad countries.

We own lorry transport and carriers.

We carry out the delivery and import of products, equipment, auto parts for lorries and petroleum. We also hold custom clearance.

Our company purchases and sells high-capacity containers and trailer-type transport.

In addition to transportation TMS-Group provides stocking services.

Our company not only satisfies customers' needs and demands but also conducts long-term and trusting co-operation. We win loyalty and confidence of our customers by leading honorable business in strict accordance with legal system and business ethics standards.